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Through the fourteen years of research and development, and since the establishment of foundations in New York and Germany, The Mendelssohn Project has relied heavily on the generosity of it supporters.

While the foundations are now only five years old, over $250,000 was raised for The Mendelssohn Project between 1996 - 2004 in order for Maestro Stephen Somary, and his team of researchers and musicologists, to traverse the world in search of missing manuscripts, letters and artworks. Without such generous support and belief in this important mission, The Mendelssohn Project would not exist today.

Now with its fully tax-deductible institutions in place, and the focus of TMP shifting from research and development to the implementation of its core goals, private donations are more necessary than ever. Over previous years, the monies were spent mainly for travel and manpower. Today, the monies raised are to be used for educating the world about the true Mendelssohn story, as well as to work to start the recording of the complete works of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn and to mount the show "Mendelssohn" on stages around the world. Your donation will help to eliminate the misconceptions, and to dissipate the clouds of misunderstandings, which have denigrated the reputations of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn since shortly after their deaths in 1847.

With goals so vital to the legacies of these two masters, and since The Mendelssohn Project relies on its loyal supporters to continue down its exciting path, TMP is currently developing new ways of saying "thank you". These will be unveiled in the weeks to come so that you will continue to receive something back from us as well. Please do not delay in making your contributions, and join us in celebrating the continuation of the momentum which is surrounding our work.

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All donations to The Mendelssohn Project, a 501(c)(3) foundation in New York State, are fully tax-deductible as permitted by law.


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