In commemoration of the 200th Birthday of Felix Mendelssohn,
born February 3, 1809


To all our visitors:

When I started The Mendelssohn Project in 1996, I looked with great awe at the 200th birthday of Felix Mendelssohn, which at that point lay distantly on the horizon. Since our inception, and as our research progressed, I always kept a fixed eye on this date. Our work wound up right on schedule. With the concert of 13 world premieres at the Museum of Jewish Heritage last Wednesday, we reached our initial goal to begin telling Mendelssohn's story to the public. We are now ready to start implementing our many exciting proposals in order to expose the world, for the first time ever, to the magnitude and true glory of Felix Mendelssohn.

As always, in order to continue the momentum we have been building, we rely on the generous support from each and every one of you to our fully tax-deductible foundation. To those who are new to our family: Welcome, and please enjoy looking through the many pages of our website. To return visitors: We have always been grateful for your loyalty – and as you look through our site, you will certainly notice new material, along with many updates. And to all of you: I invite you to keep coming back over the next weeks to see the new and exciting features we will be adding as we continue to celebrate the birth, two centuries ago, of this eternal master.

With kind regards,

Stephen Somary
Founder and Artistic Director
The Mendelssohn Project